VK3XEM on the Web

Welcome to VK3XEM on the Web, where I will post about Amateur (Ham) Radio.

VK3XEM-1 is an APRS iGate on 145.175 MHz operating in Reservoir, a Northern Suburb of Melbourne Australia and is available for all licensed Amateurs to use.

VK3XEM also has an Allstar Node on 439.150 MHz 88.5 Hz simplex that is part of the VK Repeater Linked System that also covers the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

I am QTHR and can be contacted via Hams Over IP 300053, email simon@vk3xem.net and my mobile phone +61 424 220 549. As can be plainly seen I am not hiding behind the anonymoty of the Internet and I won’t accept crap from anyone. I own what I say and do and expect others to aswell.

  • FDP Radio Enthusiasts and Fans Facebook Group

    Check out the new FDP Radio Enthusiasts and Fans is now operating on Facebook.

  • VK3XEM-13 APRS WX Station

    The VK3XEM-13 APRS WX Station is now operational on aprs.fi and transmitting over my APRS iGate on 145.175 MHz every 15 minutes for everyone to see. The WX Station is also broadcasting to Weather Underground, Weathercloud, WOW and others.

  • Australia Day, 26 January

    Every country in the World has it’s own National Day of celebration, here in Australia that day is January 26th. On this day Australian Amateurs are allowed to use the AX prefix instead of VK, so today I am AX3XEM. This year 2023 the Australian Govenment in it’s wisdom declared Australia This year 2023 the […]

  • VK2ACR Slander and Gossip continues

    I see Robert Cappuccino VK2ACR and his bum buddies are slandering me. Nowhere did I suggest that VK3RBA should be or is a closed Repeater. The FACT is multiple times the config of the repeater was changed due to a PIRATE being handed the details by licensed hams to cause deliberate QRM. Each time the […]

  • FDP Pro UHF CBRS 80CH 5W Handheld Transceiver

    Are you a licensed Radio Amateur in Australia, or even New Zealand? Would you like a radio for under $200 AUD that will legally have you on 70cm and UHF CB Radio? I’ve owned this radio for over 12 months now and it is primarily sold as a UHF CB radio but the main reason […]

  • CPAP SmartMask scam

    This is more of a tech related post than ham radio, many people like myself suffer from sleep aponea and rely on technology such as a CPAP machine each night to sleep. The following video calls out a kick stater or fund raising scheme to rais money for a repeat scammer called Stephen Marsh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBbWAPQHyhI […]

  • Weekday Welfare Net on the VK Repeater Link System

    The Weekday Welfare Net operates 2300 UTC or 1000 Australian Eastern Daylight Time, on the VK Repeater Linked System Monday to Friday in Australia, the Weekday Welfare Net is for Amateurs to check in and let everyone know how they and their families are going.

  • RepeaterPhone for iPhone

    Here is an app. for iPhone users to access Allstar and Echolink. I don’t use iPhone so cannot vouch for it except to say I know some users that are happy with it. RepeaterPhone Has a $13 AUD price tag, but if you want an alternative way of getting on air it may be worth […]

  • AllScan for Allstar nodes

    allscan.info is an alternative to Supermon to monitor your Allstar node. My node can be seen on vk3xem-2.vk44.net/allscan

  • Node Remote for Allstar Nodes

    Node Remote is an Android and iPhone app to control your Allstar Node, I use it on my Android phone to control my second node for personal use. There is a once off fee but it is well worth it. Android link iPhone link