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Welcome to VK3XEM on the Web, where I will post about Amateur (Ham) Radio.

I am QTHR and can be contacted via Hams Over IP 300053, DAPNET Paging VK3XEM, email simon@vk3xem.net and my mobile phone +61 424 220 549. As can be plainly seen I am not hiding behind the anonymoty of the Internet and I won’t accept crap from anyone. I own what I say and do and expect others to aswell.

  • FDP Radio Enthusiasts and Fans Facebook Group

    Check out the new FDP Radio Enthusiasts and Fans is now operating on Facebook.

  • Political Propaganda on Ham Radio

    Recently a net controller on the EasyPal net in Melbourne decided to broadcast political propaganda relating to the Voice to Parliament then stated anyone that votes NO is a racist over the air. This apparently caused great angst on air amongst many operators and rightly so. Two things we have always been told not to…

  • VK3RES Closure

    VK3RES is being shut down this weekend due to several factors, including criminal damage at the site by another Amateur Radio Operator and the need to relocate. If a secure site can be sought it may return, but thanks to the individual Amateur that took it upon himself to attack the site by fire and…

  • The Truth about Chris Long VK3AML

    Chris Long has a “long” history of SHIT stirring and being a BULLSHIT ARTIST. For over 12 months he accused me of jamming him on 2 Metres and even made a fraudulent complaint to the ACMA that was investigated thoroughly and proven to be false as another person was caught by the ACMA for jamming…

  • vk44.net a free service for Australian Hams

    Are you running an Allstar node or MMDVM hotspot, repeater or other ham related device that is on an LTE service or Starlink that are hiding behind a NAT and having trouble or would like to remotely access from anywhere? If so vk44.net may well be for you. This service is freely available to any…

  • Own what you say

    One of my core values is standing by what you believe in and say, that includes identifying yourself when you say something. As Amateur Radio Operators on air we have a legal obligation to identify ourselves and at the very least it is a moral obligation elsewhere and common courtesy. Today I was on the…

  • VK3XEM-13 APRS Weather Station

    The VK3XEM-13 APRS weather station is back on air and can also be viewed via Weather Underground. Transmitting locally via APRS in from Reservoir and on the Internet.

  • Another Gutless anonymous post rejected

    Robert K, or whoever you are go right ahead and report to ACMA maybe then you will have to identify yourself rather than hiding behind your keyboard in your cyber undies. Again if you Identified yourself you would have had a say here but you are too scared.

  • Update on the Ballarat PIRATE

    The Ballarat PIRATE that is being protected by Ben VK3NRD and other members of the Ballarat Amateur Radio Group. This PIRATE has been heard on the input of VK3RBU by several Amateurs with strong signals in the Ballarat area and he has tried using many callsigns.

  • What can you listen to on a scanner today?

    Here in Melbourne Victoria there are still many interesting things to listen to on a scanner, even though Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria in Metro Melbourne are now encrypted. I personally listen to Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Victoria State Emergency Service (SES). But depending on your scanners capabilities, it…

  • People with Static IP addresses shouldn’t make false statements

    Anonymous Posts from FAKE email addresses will not be published on this site. If you do NOT have the balls to identify yourself you can post elsewhere, like your BARG Facebook Page. But to reply to your BULLSHIT accusations that the offender was in Melbourne and close to me as you claim, Ben VK3NRD, the…