What can you listen to on a scanner today?

Here in Melbourne Victoria there are still many interesting things to listen to on a scanner, even though Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria in Metro Melbourne are now encrypted.

I personally listen to Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Victoria State Emergency Service (SES). But depending on your scanners capabilities, it is also possible to listen to many other services including but not limited to Surf Life Saving Victora, Trams and Trains, Shopping Centre Security, UHF CB and Amateur Radio.

The cost of a new scanner these days starts at around $600 and goes up from there, not that cheap but is still a lot to listened to out there.






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  1. Peter Trewern Avatar
    Peter Trewern

    I have Uniden UBCD436PT and here in Warragul with the original antenna inside my house I can easily listen to the Country Ambulances all over the state and a huge range of CFA stations.

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