The Truth about Chris Long VK3AML

Chris Long has a “long” history of SHIT stirring and being a BULLSHIT ARTIST. For over 12 months he accused me of jamming him on 2 Metres and even made a fraudulent complaint to the ACMA that was investigated thoroughly and proven to be false as another person was caught by the ACMA for jamming him.

This harassment by Chris Long aka Charlie Box Hill started after he bragged about spitting on soldiers returning from Vietnam that merely did their job, many of them conscripts that had no choice in serving. I voiced my disapproval for those actions as my father was a Vietnam Veteran.

Tonight Chris Long again stirred up BULLSHIT by getting others to drag up lies about me jamming crane operators. The truth is that these crane operators were operating on UHF CB radio, claiming the channel as their own and private use for them. I cracked the CTCSS tone on UHF CB an advised them they were operating on a shared channel and was told where to go and to get off their private channel. In a SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT when a problem is encountered work is to CEASE IMMEDIATELY until the problem is resolved is resolved. They chose to continue to work against Work Safe laws and practices, placing them in danger not me or anyone else endangering them!






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