VK3XEM on the Web

Welcome to VK3XEM on the Web, where I will post about Amateur (Ham) Radio.

VK3XEM-1 is an APRS iGate on 145.175 MHz operating in Reservoir, a Northern Suburb of Melbourne Australia and is available for all licensed Amateurs to use.

VK3XEM also has an Allstar Node on 439.150 MHz 88.5 Hz simplex that is part of the VK Repeater Linked System that also covers the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

I am QTHR and can be contacted via Hams Over IP 300053, email simon@vk3xem.net and my mobile phone +61 424 220 549. As can be plainly seen I am not hiding behind the anonymoty of the Internet and I won’t accept crap from anyone. I own what I say and do and expect others to aswell.