Own what you say

One of my core values is standing by what you believe in and say, that includes identifying yourself when you say something.

As Amateur Radio Operators on air we have a legal obligation to identify ourselves and at the very least it is a moral obligation elsewhere and common courtesy. Today I was on the RASA Facebook group for this reason I asked why there were anonymous posts in the group and I was challenged by the anonymous poster and then had some of my posts deleted.

On asking why I my posts were deleted I was contacted by a member of RASA privately and told that Anonymous posts were allowed as they could not post as RASA. I said that is fine, why not simply sign each post as RASA so we know it is an official post but I was told that it was what they had decided to do and no further discussion would be entered into.

I would like to state RASA provides a good value for money service to the Australian Amateur community but as this anonymous posting goes against my core values I have decided not to support the organistion moving forward.






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