VK2ACR Slander and Gossip continues

I see Robert Cappuccino VK2ACR and his bum buddies are slandering me. Nowhere did I suggest that VK3RBA should be or is a closed Repeater.

The FACT is multiple times the config of the repeater was changed due to a PIRATE being handed the details by licensed hams to cause deliberate QRM. Each time the Repeater was changed Shaun VK3KK went to great lengths to inform as many hams as possible of the changes and not to publish them in attempt to keep the PIRATE off the Repeater. Any licensed Amateur has ALWAYS been welcome on VK3RBA and the VK Linked Repeater System, except maybe VK2ACR because of his long and PROVEN deliberate QRM on the system.

I suggest VK2ACR and his bum buddies pull their heads in an refrain from slanderous gossip.






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